Friday Happy Hour – Live Music and Ground Hog Day Dinner – Feb 2nd

This Friday, Feb. 2nd is Ground Hog Day, and no matter whether the fuzzy little fella sees his shadow or not, you should come out to the Shillelagh Club for Happy Hour to see one of our favorite musical acts, Grafton Street, featuring Dean Dobbs and Kevin Behan! 

Grafton Street perform their own great brand of Irish & American Traditional and Rock tunes by the likes of the Pogues, The Saw Doctors, the Dubliners, The Fury Brothers, Christy Moore, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and more. The kitchen opens at 6:00.

This Ground Hog day come out of your hole and enjoy some great food, drinks and music––if you don’t it could mean another six weeks of winter!

The Club is open to public and all are welcome.