Tommy Calhoun

Tommy Calhoun

Corresponding Secretary

Tommy is from central New Jersey where he studied at and continues to work for Rutgers University as a facilities manager. An FSOS member since 2019, Tommy joined the executive board in short time first as 2nd Keeper then as Corresponding Secretary and serves as the chair of the tech committee, and serves on the dinner dance committee. His interests include brewing, craft beer, ham radio (callsign W2XG), his 1965 mustang, fishing, 3D printing, and genealogy where (as an adoptee) he discovered his biological heritage was Irish / Scotch-Irish, among others. and joined the FSOS to explore his heritage. Tommy and his wife also recently celebrated the birth of their first child.

Fun fact: Tommy often sports his family’s tartan pattern and is sometimes in kilt.


Phone: 732-552-7024 (cell / text friendly)

Email: [email protected]